How to build the machine boot images



Power VS

Compose the user-varibales.json file contains the information for the Power VS

  "account_id": "",
  "apikey": "",
  "capture_cos_access_key": "",
  "capture_cos_bucket": "",
  "capture_cos_region": "",
  "capture_cos_secret_key": "",
  "key_pair_name": "",
  "kubernetes_deb_version": "",
  "kubernetes_rpm_version": "",
  "kubernetes_semver": "",
  "kubernetes_series": "",
  "region": "",
  "service_instance_id": "",
  "ssh_private_key_file": "",
  "zone": ""
  • account_id: IBM Cloud account ID
  • apikey: IBM Cloud API Key
  • capture_cos_access_key: Access key for the IBM Cloud Object Storage(COS) to export the image to
  • capture_cos_bucket: IBM Cloud Object Storage(COS) bucket name
  • capture_cos_region: IBM Cloud Object Storage(COS) bucket region
  • capture_cos_secret_key: IBM Cloud Object Storage(COS) secret key
  • key_pair_name: SSH key name present in the Power VS
  • kubernetes_deb_version: Kubernetes deb version, e.g: 1.24.2-00
  • kubernetes_rpm_version: Kubernetes RPM package version, e.g: 1.24.2-0
  • kubernetes_semver: e.g: v1.24.2
  • kubernetes_series: e.g: v1.24
  • region: Power VS region, e.g: osa
  • service_instance_id: Power VS service instance ID
  • ssh_private_key_file: Path to the SSH private key file used to connect to the vm while image preparation, e.g: /Users/manjunath/.ssh/id_rsa
  • zone: Power VS zone, e.g: osa21
# Clone the image-builder repository
$ git clone
$ cd image-builder/images/capi
$ PACKER_VAR_FILES=user-variables.json make build-powervs-centos-8