E2E Testing


  • The end-to-end tests for VPC and PowerVS run on an internal prow cluster on IBM Cloud.
  • Resource management is handled via boskos which is an efficient way to lease infra and clean up after every run.
  • The E2E tests use the Cluster API test framework. For more information on developing E2E tests, refer here.


The following periodic jobs are being run on main branch once every day.

  1. periodic-capi-provider-ibmcloud-e2e-powervs
  2. periodic-capi-provider-ibmcloud-e2e-vpc

We also test the last two releases, release-0.5 and release-0.6 once every week.

Running the end-to-end tests locally

For development and debugging the E2E tests, they can be executed locally.

  1. Set the flavor you want to test. By default it is set to powervs-md-remeditaion.
export E2E_FLAVOR=<e2e-flavor>
  1. Set the infra environment variables accrodingly based on the flavor being tested. Check the required variables for VPC and PowerVS being set in ci-e2e.sh.
  2. Run the e2e test