Provision workload Cluster with Load Balancer and external cloud provider in IBM Cloud VPC

⚠️ WARNING: This feature is currently in experimental stage


Deploy VPC cluster with Load Balancer and IBM cloud provider

  IBMVPC_REGION=us-south \
  IBMVPC_ZONE=us-south-1 \
  IBMVPC_RESOURCEGROUP_NAME="ibm-hypershift-dev" \
  IBMVPC_RESOURCEGROUP=4f15679623607b855b1a27a67f20e1c7 \
  IBMVPC_NAME=ibm-vpc-0 \
  IBMVPC_IMAGE_NAME=capibm-vpc-ubuntu-2004-kube-v1-26-2 \
  IBMVPC_PROFILE=bx2-4x16 \
  IBMVPC_SSHKEY_NAME=capi-vpc-key \
  IBMACCOUNT_ID="ibm-accountid" \
  BASE64_API_KEY=$(echo -n $IBMCLOUD_API_KEY | base64) \
  clusterctl generate cluster ibm-vpc-0 --kubernetes-version v1.26.2 \
  --target-namespace default \
  --control-plane-machine-count=1 \
  --worker-machine-count=2 | kubectl apply -f -

Change disk size for the boot volume

There are two following variables for controlling the volume size for the boot disk.

  • IBMVPC_CONTROLPLANE_BOOT_VOLUME_SIZEGIB: Size of the boot volume for the control plane nodes, default set to 20GiB
  • IBMVPC_WORKER_BOOT_VOLUME_SIZEGIB: Size of the boot volume for the worker nodes, default set to 20GiB

Note: Default value is set to 20GiB because the images published for testing are of size 20GiB(default size in the image-builder scripts as well).